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Save Now! February Only!

February is Pet Dental Month

15% off Anesthetic Dental Procedures this month only.

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**You must mention this Ad to get the discount!**These savings cannot be combined with any other offer!**Must have an oral exam within 6 months of procedure**15% off dental procedure and anesthetic procedure only

No Pet Left Behind

We are drastically reducing the price of our spays, neuters, and dentals. We want more pet's and their families to benefit from these essential services. Call the office for details on this exciting new program.

Examination, routine yearly: $45.00
Examination, preoperative: $45.00

Canine neuter, routine*: $299.99
Canine spay, routine*: $349.99

Feline neuter, routine*: $199.99
Feline spay, routine*: $249.99

Anesthetic dental cleaning: $274.99

*extra anesthesia and surgical charges apply for pets in heat (spay),
with retained testicle(s) (neuter), and hips radiographs (if requested, K-9).
Preoperative examination required but not included.
Does not include preoperative blood work. (optional)
Dental does not include extractions.

Adult Canine Yearly, routine full: $219.99
(new clients only)

Adult Feline Yearly, routine full: $239.99
(new clients only)

*This cannot be combined with any other wellness plan or discount.

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