Non-Anesthetic Dental Policy

We are happy to offer the service of non-anesthetic dental cleaning to our clients and patients. We feel that this is a very valuable services that provides good oral health to patients without the need or risks associated with general anesthesia. The service is provided by another company who comes to the hospital to perform the service. This group is very professional and very good at what they do and we are happy to have them come to our office all the way from Miami. This requires that we have a certain number of patients scheduled for dental technicians to make it worth their while to make the trip.

Normally, we have not charged a deposit fee to hold a spot for the non-anesthetic dental cleaning procedure; clients would schedule the procedure and honor the appointment. Unfortunately, this has not been the case lately and we have had several cancellations within days of the schedule appointments; which place us in a position where we have to cancel the remaining appointments for the day because we did not meet the minimum requirement.

The resolution to this problem will be to impose a $50.00 deposit in order to keep one of the non-anesthetic dental cleaning appointment slots. We wish that we did not have to make this policy, but it will be necessary going forward as to be fair for all clients involved, the non-anesthetic dental cleaning company we use, and our staff.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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