Town & Country strives to give progressive care and hometown compassion to every patient. We use state of art technology in diagnosing our patients.


We now offer in-house ultrasound. With this new progressive care, we are able to provide same day cardiovascular and abdominal results for your pet.


Most of our vaccinations we provide are good for 3 years for both canine and feline.

If you are a Palm Beach County resident, we will issue a rabies tag for your pet each year.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic every even numbered Thursday and Friday.

Wellness Exams and Lab Work

Every pet should be examined by your veterinarian at least once per year.

Each year of your pet's life is equivilent to 7 human years and, thus, problems affecting pets occur that much faster. Yearly exam AND lab work are paramount to ensuring progressive, proactive, and preventative care for your furry loved ones.

Spay & Neuter

Spay (ovarosalpinghystero-oophorectomy) and neuter (orchidectomy) is recommended once your kitten or puppy is at least 6 months of age.
Keeping an intact pet can lead to unnecessary disease and over population.

It is never too late to spay/ neuter your pet.

Emergency Care

Emergency care is accepted during office hours. After hours, we recommend:

Veterinary Specialty Hospital
4019 Hood Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-625-995

Northlake Pet Emergency
3579 Northlake Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
Phone: 561-691-9999

Wellness Packages Available

Ask us about our wellness packages.

House Calls

Call us today to learn about our house calls.


All surgeries are performed by Dr. South. We take pride in our human grade anesthesia and advance patient monitoring systems.

Microchip Implantation

Microchip implantation is available upon request and recommended to help locate your pet in case they get lost. Our unique system allows a rescuer to search for your pet on Google. This can result in the most expedient recovery of your pet.

Health Certificate

Health certificates are issued by Dr. South for all of your pets travel needs..

Dental Care

We offer non-anesthetic and anesthetic dental services. Make an appointment to see which is best for your pet.


Radiographs are performed in-house to provide same day results for your pet.


Onsite boarding is available for your pets. Canines are $32 per night and felines are $20 per night. A special deal is offered for two or more canine boarders. We offer after hours drop off and pick up upon request for an additional fee.
A complimentary bath will be given to all canine boarders who stay at least 7 nights.

Stop by to check out our clean and spacious boarding facility.

Online Store

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We will price match 1-800-PetMeds pricing for certain prescriptions and will have them shipped directly to you with free ground shipping. We offer next day and second shipping for an addtional fee.

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